Crafting Tricks and Tips

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You can save money and time by using these tips and tricks. We will help you to extend the life of your craft supplies.

These tips will help you have less mess and make cleaning up much more accessible!

It is essential to introduce children to crafting at an early age. This is much better than watching television or playing video games.

These are great tips and tricks for crafting with children.

Saving Time & Money with Crafting

Keep garbage you can reuse for crafts—for example, toilet paper rolls and egg cartons. Tin cans and bubble wrap can also be used. Keep it if you can make something out of it. You can still keep the item, even if it is not usable. I can’t remember how often I tossed something out and then had to dig into my recycling bin to retrieve it. You will always keep another one out if you see the cool crafts made from toilet paper rolls that I have.

Sharpen dull scissors with sandpaper.

Bulk crafting kits are a great way to have a wide variety of materials on hand so that you can always come up with new ideas at a whim. It is cheaper to buy supplies in bulk than separately.

Old clothes can be used as smocks for painting. You only need to cut the back down the middle to make a smock. You can use your parents’ old T-shirts for this project. You can wear old dress shirts instead of cutting up the clothes.

Online shopping and buying in bulk can help you save money on crafting supplies. Check out our list of recommended craft supplies for children.

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How to make your supplies last longer

Use petroleum jelly to prevent your glue containers from sticking themselves together.

Squeeze out all the air before closing your glue and storing it.

You Can Craft Your Items

Avoid the stringy mess that hot glue can cause by freezing the glue sticks before using them.

If you store your markers horizontally, the ink won’t fall to the tip causing blotting or smudging.

Plan and give instructions but also allow for creativity!

To dry the sap and kill any insects or mites present, bake pine cones for an hour at 200°F.

Cleaning up is easier with these tips

A hair conditioner can soften paintbrushes and make them easier to clean.

Wrapping the area with plastic wrap will help you avoid a messy work environment.

Baby wipes are handy for quick cleaning.

How to fix Uh-Ohs and Ooops

Remove crayon stains from clothing, walls, tables, and doors with WD-40.

Organized Crafting

Organize your small craft supplies using baby food jars or pickle jars.

You can add dates to your creations to know when they were made. You can take photos and upload them to your computer. Then, you can store those images on a disc to have them forever.

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Here are some of the many tips you can use when crafting. Once you make a mistake or mess up something, you will find ways to avoid making it again.

It’s not easy to clean up a mess like that; there are still sparkles everywhere!

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