How to make a basic paper airplane

There are various ways to make a paper plane, some more complex than others. This paper airplane made from origami can fly long and straight. This project is best done with lightweight 6-inch origami squares. The aircraft can be folded using scrapbooking paper or magazine pages. The heavier paper will also make it harder to fold your plane, increasing the likelihood that you’ll end up with an asymmetrical airplane. This is an excellent project to do with children, as it can be used to teach them both about origami and flight. You could turn it into an informal competition to see which paper airplane can travel the furthest.

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Origami for Kids


One 6-inch square of origami paper

How to Fold the First Paper Airplane

Fold your square origami sheet in two with the white facing up. Fold it up and crease well. Fold the paper in half the other way. Fold it in half and crease well.

Fold the top of your paper towards the middle fold. Your essay should now look like the picture below.

Fold the corners down

Fold the top right corner in the same way. Fold the top right corner down in the same way.

Create the nose of a paper airplane

Fold the left and the right corner of the paper inwards to form a point at the top (as shown in the picture below). The tip of the pointed end will be your origami paper plane’s nose. The extra folds you made in the previous step give the nose of the paper plane the weight it requires to fly.

Fold your paper along the middle crease

Fold the paper in half at the middle fold. Fold the right corner, as shown in the picture below. The hub should be approximately 1/2 inch away from the edge of the paper.

Please fold the paper in the opposite direction, unfold it, flip it back over, and continue folding.

How to Make an Airplane Tail

Fold the paper back up. If you have trouble with the fold collapsing, ensure the creases are as sharp as possible. This will create the tail for your paper plane.

How to Make the Wings of Your Origami Paper Airplane

Fold the top layer to form the first wing. The wing at the nose should be slightly higher than the middle layer. The attachment should be somewhat higher than the bottom of the tail you made earlier.

Repeat the process to create the second wing for your origami airplane.

Fly Your Simple Paper Airplane

It’s now time to fly your paper plane. Hold the plane in the center of the base and gently launch it. Check your aircraft carefully to ensure it’s symmetrical if you have difficulty getting it to fly. Your plane will not fly straight if one side is slightly bigger than the other.

You don’t need to worry if finding a method you like takes a while. Just like any other origami form, paper airplanes require patience to master.

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