How to make a folded paper gift box

Paper Gift Boxes can be made quickly and easily. They are also adaptable to the occasion and the gift they contain. The box size can be adjusted depending on the paper size you choose. The box is always a quarter the size of the original square of paper when measured corner-to-corner. These boxes make great party favors and small gifts. They can also be personalized for holidays and match the recipient’s style by using rubber stamps or other embellishments.


You can use scrap paper as practice before you make the actual box. You can practice different decorating techniques on your scrap paper box, such as stamping positions and techniques.

How to Make an Origami Gift Box

Equipment and Tools



A dull-edged hand tool that is used to fold and crease crafting materials.



Decorating materials such as rubber stamps are optional.


Two square pieces of sturdy cardstock (or other paper)

Mark the center of the paper

Start by making the lid. Then, repeat the steps with a smaller piece of paper for the base.

Start with a square sheet of paper. Draw two diagonal lines from corner to corner with your ruler and pencil. This will create a large X that marks the center of the rectangle. Keeping the paper is not necessary since the marks are on the inside.

Fold the first fold

Fold each corner to the center of the rectangle. Use a bone filer tool if you have one to make a crisp folding. You will get a professional finish. If you prefer, fold the paper by hand. Then unfold the paper.

Second Fold

Fold each corner along the diagonal line you created by folding the corner. Next, unfold the paper once more.

Fold the third fold

You should now see a series of squares created by the different folds. Now you will finish it with a final set of folds.

Fold each corner so that it meets the fold line closest to it. Fold the paper again.

Cut and decorate the paper

As shown in the image below, make four diagonal cuts. The oblique angle between the corners is all that matters.

It’s best to decorate your paper while it is still flat. It will be more challenging, but still possible, to illustrate the box once it is folded. Allow the ink to dry before folding the box if you are using it.

Fold the Corners Without Cutting

You’re now ready to fold the paper box. If you want to hold the folded paper in place, a small amount of glue can be used.

Fold the corners inwards without cutting.

Fold up 2 Sides

Fold the corner edges along the fold line and form the sides of your box.

Fold the Cut Ends

Fold the ends inwards to create the other side.

Repeat the final folds for the box base

Fold the remaining two pieces into the middle. The box will be securely held together. You only need glue if your goal is to increase the durability of the box.

You can make the box base the same way as you did the lid. This time, you’ll cut the square smaller so the bottom can fit in the top.

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