Make an Origami Crow to Celebrate Halloween

Buying decorations to spruce up your house for the holidays is fun, but making your own can be even more gratifying–especially if you can get your kids in on the fun. Although origami has traditionally been viewed as a hobby for more skilled adults, children can enjoy it if given the right project.

This simple origami crow can be made in any color of paper. It’s up to you. This origami bird stands independently and is an excellent addition to any window, especially for┬átrick-or-treaters.

If you are looking for more origami birds to make, try this It can be used as a decoration, a fun little gift to friends or family, or as an embellishment on a Try making this peace bird. It’s a great decoration or gift for friends and family. You can also use it to embellish a┬ácard. Make an origami ghost or a witch’s hat to keep in the Halloween spirit!


One square sheet of black paper, approximately six by 6 inches on both sides.

Starting Folds

Start with the white side of your paper (or another color) facing up if you use a two-toned form. It doesn’t matter which side you start with if your paper has black on both sides.

Fold your paper from left to right.

Unfold the paper.

Fold the paper again horizontally, but this time from top to bottom.

Unfold the paper.

Flip the paper over to the opposite side and smooth out the creases a little so that it lies flat.

Fold the paper diagonally in half, connecting the upper left corner to the lower right corner. Fold the paper diagonally, connecting the lower left and upper right corners.

The paper should be completely unfolded. It would be best if you now had the remains of an X-crease on your report.

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Each fold should only be done once. The better the origami project will turn out, the crisper and cleaner the folds.

As you can see in our example, this origami crow is best made with paper with the same color on each face. If you have a form with a different color on either side, you won’t be able to see both colors.

Bring in the Corners

Flip the paper over to its other side.

Bring the corners of the left and the right together in the middle.

The top point will fall on top if you fold the fabric in the previous steps.

This will give you a “square base” or “preliminary” base.

Make the Base

You will then continue to fold your “origami base” using the origami square as a guide.

As shown, fold the square’s left and right lower edges to the central fold.

Fold the top corner down and over the top.

Fold the sides.

The creases that you made to the left and right should be reversed.

Open the lower section.

Reverse the folds by bringing the point at the bottom to the top.

Form Legs

The base of the origami bird is now complete.

Fold the bottom two points of the horizontal fold-up. The bird’s legs will be formed by folding the two bottom points.

Fold the points inwards and outwards to opposite sides.

Create the Feet

Reverse-fold the feet and unfold the last step. The paper should look similar to the second picture in the group.

Flip the top of the foot downward.

Repeat the two previous actions on the opposite foot.

Finishing Folds

Fold the top downward.

Flip the model from left to right.

Fold the model in two. Your photo should look similar to the first photo of the bottom row.

Fold your head to a comfortable angle.

Could you fold the paper backward and open it up?

Vivian D. Craven

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