How to Make a Gold Leaf Artprint

Create this DIY gold leaf artwork to add a touch of glamour to your home. This simple gold leaf project is a great way to practice your new technique. You can customize the color and size of your background to match your decor. Or, better yet, create a bunch and arrange them for a fun gallery of gold leaf!

This project was done with gold leaf, but many different shades exist. You can also try copper or silver. Choose a size of cardstock that will fill the photo frame.

Equipment and Tools

Craft paintbrush

Flat paintbrushes should be cleaned and dried.

Gold leaf duster brush




Gold Leaf (Imitation)

Gold Leaf Adhesive

Cardstock in the desired color

Picture frame

Draw Your Leaf

Sketch out your favorite shape of a leaf. Our inspiration came from a Monstera leaf. You can lightly pencil in the outline to follow it as you apply the adhesive. Make sure you erase all mistakes.

Add Adhesive

Paint a thin layer (known as sizing) of gold leaf glue on all areas where you would like to apply the gold leaf. Paint just a little outside your pencil lines to avoid seeing the pencil on the finished product. When you are painting the adhesive, be sure to avoid any areas where it pools. It is best to apply a thin, even layer. Allow the paint to dry between 1 and 2 minutes until it is tacky.

Gold Leaf

Apply gold leaf to all areas where you have applied adhesive. You can use more than one sheet. Just overlap them a little, and the patchwork will not be visible. Use a flat, clean, dry paintbrush to smooth the gold leaf. Make sure it adheres in all areas with adhesive.

Dust Excess

You can use a duster brush with gold leaf to remove the excess. You can also use a medium stiff bristle brush. Remove the excess gold leaf by buffing it in small circles.


Let the adhesive dry for a bit; this could take up to 24 hours. Frame your gold leaf artwork in the desired frame.

Display This

Your new artwork will be a hit!

Vivian D. Craven

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