How to create stylish wall art with Origami Quilts

Create some very modern and elegant wall art with origami. These easy-to-make origami squares can create large wall displays or even small coasters. This pretty origami is easy to make as it only requires one square sheet of paper. The bigger your sheet is, the larger display you will get.


Use a piece of paper measuring 11.8 x 11.8, or 30 x 30 cm, to make a large display.

To create a pleasing pattern, arrange the squares in rows of 3 or more. You can use solid or various colors to create a fun and inspiring piece. You can create gradients by using, for instance, three sheets each of red, orange, and yellow. You can either glue-tac the squares to walls or frame them. Flattening the courts behind the glass prevents dust from collecting inside the paper.


1 Sheet Square sheet of at least 5,9 x 5,9 inches (15 x 15, centimeters).

Fold the paper in half

Fold your paper in half from left to top and from top to bottom. The result is four sections of equal size. Fold the right and left edges to meet at the central fold, then fold them nicely. The previous step is now unfolded. Fold the top and bottom edges to the central crease. Fold again.

Fold the Corners towards the Center

Fold all four corners in the center. These creases should be as clean as possible. If you want your creases to be sharper, use a bone filer. Fold out all four points as shown. Flip the paper over and open the sides.

Flatten the Creases

Bring the four diagonal edges to the front. You are just flattening the edges together. After all the sides have collapsed, be sure to straighten the creases. Fold the flaps backward. Fold one flap over at the bottom-right section.

Finalize the Creases

Flip the flap over and fold the corner to the diagonal crease. Use a bone filer or the fingernail’s edge for the final wrinkles.


Make as many as you want and place them together to make a large piece of art. Or, make small placemats with only four.

How to Display Origami Wall Art

This is a picture displaying your finished origami art. To achieve this size quickly, use larger square sheets, to begin with. This will give the art an elegant and minimalist appearance. If you have the time and patience, more miniature square sheets (and lots of them!) will give you a more intricate and luxurious appearance.

Vivian D. Craven

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