The Best Toddler Crafts

You’ve probably seen the joy that finger paint and a blank piece of paper can bring to a child’s imagination. Art activities can be fun for little minds in many ways. Your toddler will be delighted to see his tiny hands create swirls and colors on the page. He’ll also learn development skills, explore his imagination, and gain a sense of independence by making his own.

Arts and crafts for toddlers: Why are they so beneficial?

According to Christina Johns M.D., a pediatrician who is also a senior medical advisor for Pediatrics Urgent Care, toddler crafts are beneficial in many ways. Even if your child isn’t sure what they are doing or unable to follow the steps, it’s still a great way for them to learn.

Art and craft also help toddlers develop spatial orientation. This cognitive skill can improve flexibility, dexterity, and other abilities. Dr. Johns says that carrying supplies and cleaning up helps gross motor transfer skills. He also mentions that crafts help children to make decisions and learn from their mistakes.

This means that encouraging creativity in toddler crafts can be beneficial even if your child isn’t quite ready. Take it slow and don’t expect your little one to create a masterpiece of paper mache anytime soon.

Dr. Johns says, “Encourage your child’s ability to talk their mind and to tell you in their own words and manner what they think and plan as they make decisions about arts-and-crafts — what colors to use, where to put it, etc.” This encourages sentence formation and verbal growth.

Most importantly, toddler crafts can give children a sense of accomplishment and boost their self-esteem.

Dr. Johns says that children should feel confident and have self-worth at an early age. He also suggests patience, praise, and a positive outlook to make these activities successful.

Insta-friendly DIY Toddler CraftsThese are the best crafts for toddlers

Are you unsure what art projects are appropriate for toddlers? Dr. Johns suggests that you keep it simple.

She says that toddlers should focus on activities that are simple and not too difficult for them. Complex crafts can make children feel bored or lose interest. She suggests that crafting elements not too small or complicated be used.

She says that working with buttons or beads (while being supervised) can aid in counting skills. “While gluing objects or painting (like the color by number) can help you name items, color selections, and vocabulary,” she adds.

Make sure your toddler has fun with their art projects. But, it’s important to keep an eye on them. Some tasks, such as cutting, may require you to take on some of the more difficult tasks to make sure your child doesn’t get hurt or inhale any materials.

Homemade stamps craft

Happy HooligansToddlers enjoy dipping stamps in paint or ink pads and making marks all over the page. Jackie, Happy Hooligans, suggests making your own stamps with common household items like wine corks and bottle caps. These are easy to grab for little hands (and likely already lying around your home).

Paper plate sun craft

Buggy and BuddyThe sun are here! This simple craft is fun and easy. Little ones glue the sun’s “rays”, or yellow pipe cleaners, onto a paper plate. As your child crafts, you can practice counting together to help with math skills.

Painting a pasta necklace

Pink Stripey SocksAllow your children to create their own wearable art using only pasta noodles, string, and paint. Although your toddler will likely need to help string each noodle, she may love the final product.

Leaf painting craft

The Best Ideas for ChildrenNature-inspired art helps toddlers learn about the world in a new way. Begin by taking your child for a walk and encouraging him to find different leaves. Watch as he paints each leaf in a beautiful color and leaves impressions on the blank page.

Paper cup flowers craft

How Wee LearnThis flower craft is a great afternoon activity and makes a wonderful gift for Grandma or Mom. The process involves painting a white paper cup with a small rock and cutting the sides into strips to make the petals. However, toddlers will need help with this part.

Caterpillar suncatcher craft

Fireflies and MudpiesThis caterpillar suncatcher is an indoor activity for toddlers. You can guide your child as he sticks the colored Play-Doh lids to the window using the bright tops. Next, show your child where to glue the caterpillar’s ears, legs, and eyes.

Under-the-sea preschool plate craft

Daisy Cottage DesignThis craft allows toddlers to transform an ordinary paper plate into a beautiful blue fish bowl with a friendly yellow fish. You can also make the sandy bottom with white beans and seaweed by using tissue paper.

Rainbow tree crafting

Babble Doodle DoAna from Babble Dabble Do loves nature crafts that encourage children to see the world differently. This is because these types of art activities can be inexpensive and even free. This is a great craft for kids. It involves taking large branches from your yard or nearby wooded area and “planting” them in a bucket with sand. Then, let the little ones paint what they want.

Felt board tree craft

Crafts By Amanda Let your child use felt to create a nature scape and tree that reflect the season she is in. While she will need to do some prep work for the cutting, you can then encourage her to add flowers and leaves wherever she wants.

Scented homemade playdough craft

The Hippie HomemakerScented play dough is a great project for toddlers who are looking for something more sensory. You can have your toddler help you make different batches of colorful dough by putting the ingredients in a bowl and mixing them together. Once the dough is ready, let your child have fun kneading it and creating cute shapes and creatures.

Foam sticker roller craft

No Time for FlashcardsPrepare to get messy! A rolling pin is a simple tool that allows toddlers to mix colors and create patterns. Although this isn’t the most Pinterest-worthy craft, it will be fun and teach motor skills.

Handprint Calendar Craft

Crazy Adventures in ParentingThis toddler craft is a great example of the best art projects that can double as gifts. This project can be completed by you and your child in a single day or over several weeks. The result is a unique handprint calendar that will be cherished by Grandma, Grandpa, Grandpa, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa.

Rainbow cereal craft

Parenting Crazy AdventuresThis one is so easy, you won’t get hungry! Your toddler will enjoy creating a rainbow using marshmallows and strategically placed pieces from rainbow cereal. This will help her practice color recognition and counting.

Valentine’s Day paper wreath

Glue Sticks & GumdropsThe good news is: Good news is that there are many ways to make this Valentine’s Day-themed wreath. This gives little learners an opportunity for tactile and fun learning. After cutting out the middle of the paper plate, your toddler will enjoy gluing every piece of tissue paper to the wreath. They will be proud when it is hung on their front door.

Yarn stamping craft

Fantastic Learning and FunMaking patterns and prints using stamps is always a fun activity for toddlers. These DIY yarn stamps are a great way to teach children about the different textures and materials. To wrap the yarn, you can use toy blocks or cut floral foam like Shaunna of Fantastic Fun and Learning. Once the paint is dipped into the yarn, it can be pressed against a piece of paper to create bold and interesting patterns.

Apple print craft

Make and TakesAnother fun craft for paint stamping is using apples. Cut them in half and let your child use the halves to stamp on the white paper. To teach your child about different types of apples, can also use them.

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