How to set up a craft show in 8 easy steps

There is a lot of information to be aware of:

What furniture and stands will best suit your product?

How can you increase sales by displaying handmade products?

What are the rules you must follow?

How can you fit everything into a booth 10×10?

This 8-step action plan will help you to create your display.

The action plan includes photos of ideas for setting up craft shows. You will see how the different options appear in actual displays.

Choose your Craft Show Booth Layout

The layout of most 10 x10 booths can be divided into six main categories:

Display products in the middle of the booth area. Customers can enter the booth space.

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Each layout has its pros and cons. Choose the design that best suits your products and the booth space available at the shows.

Learn more about these popular craft booth designs and select the one you like best.

Choose a portable canopy

Having a reliable tent to sell handmade products at outdoor shows would be best.

Portable canopies are more than just a way to protect yourself from the elements at outdoor events. Some people set up their craft shows indoors using the tent frame only. The frame is a sturdy and portable foundation that can be used for indoor booths.

Check out this in-depth guide on portable tents to learn more about craft fair tents.


Weights are a must for any tent! Most show organizers have specific weight requirements for tents in their vendor rules.

The slightest breeze can blow away your shelter if it is not anchored securely.

Tents can be secured with weight plates, fillable sandbags, water weights, and DIY PVC pipe.

Avoid wasting money on the wrong canopy weights.

The show organizers may specify what weights to use for your tent, including:

The minimum weight that you should use on each leg.

What type of weights must you use?

You are not allowed to use certain weights.

Before shopping for tent weights, ensure you understand the requirements.

Look up the rules for vendors on the event website you’re attending. You can find out what tent weights the vendors are required to use.

Select the main furniture or racks you’ll use

The next step is to select the furniture and larger racks you will use to display your products.

Use to display craft items on sale.

Each furniture type has its pros and cons. What kind of product you sell will determine which craft show setup will suit your needs.

You can find many booth ideas on my website. These pages feature each type. You can see how the different stands fit into a 10×10 booth.

Craft booth design using portable tables

Tabletop Jewelry Displays

Use mobile shelves to create a craft show display.

Booths using grid wall panels

Slat wall used for craft fair booths

Portable display pedestals

Pages of ideas for setting up a craft show using mannequins or mobile clothing racks.

Ten hats stand photos, including some with hat stands.

Wood CRATES OR Baskets

Wood baskets can store various items, from knitted socks to soap.

Make sure that the baskets and crates you use are of the correct size so your products look attractive to customers.

Wood crates turned upside down can add height to your tabletop display.


Trays can be used to enhance a tabletop display.

You can use trays to group items that are similar together. Your table will look more organized.

Displaying your items on trays will make them seem more unique and valuable than placing them directly on the table.

Displaying craft items on sale with stands that are specific to products includes:


Dress forms are an excellent way to display clothing. Placing a dummy in an attractive outfit in a corner outside your booth will attract customers.

Mannequin torsos are great for displaying shirts on a tabletop. These torsos can be used to depict accessories such as scarves and handbags.

Related: Display items more effectively at a craft show using visual merchandise techniques.

Choose a background for your display

A backdrop can be hung from your booth’s sides and back walls. An environment can be used to block out the view of your competitors so that customers are more focused on your products. You can use it to hide any unattractive parts of your setup.

You can attach any backdrop to the tent frame with a portable canopy.


You’ll want to use portable lights if you plan on selling indoors.

You may include the following in your lighting:

The overhead booth light will brighten your 10×10 space

Lights with adjustable arms allow you to direct light where you need it.

Accent lighting can be used to highlight a particular item.

String lights or puck lights under shelves will ensure that lower levels are well lit


Simple signs can convey important information.

A prominently displayed sign with your company name will help customers remember you. Some shows even require that vendors display this type of sign.

Use craft show signs to inform shoppers about the payment methods you accept, encourage them to inquire about custom orders, or thank them for buying locally and handmade.

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