Crafts For Adults That Will Not End Up In The Trash Within Two Months

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If you have ever visited Pinterest, you will know that crafts are not just for children. Crafting has been proven to have several benefits, from reducing stress and depression to lowering the risk of cognitive impairment due to age. An enjoyable craft project will help you achieve your home decorating objectives without breaking. We scoured online for crafts for adults suitable for all levels of ability and ambition. The finished products will be something you want to display. Here are some of our favorite creative projects: decoupage magnets, DIY rugs, painted glass vases, and wearable art.

Selecting the Right Craft

If the creative bug has infected you and you are ready to start the project of your choice…it’s essential that you know your time and efforts will be rewarded, as well as your confidence when the project is completed. We have therefore assessed the level of Commitment and skill required to complete each task on our list. The measures we use are subjective and, as such, may not be the best fit for you. However, the explanation below should help.

The easiest projects include those with simple and almost foolproof instructions. They do not require any prior craft experience. Consider mason-jar photo frames or painted bottles. When we say “easy,” we mean it.

This category includes all crafts that require basic sewing skills. There is no such thing as an easy sewing project if you need to learn how to thread a needle or operate a machine. This category includes crafts that require basic skills in sewing (because it’s impossible to complete an easy project if you can’t thread a needle and operate a machine) and those that ask a beginner to learn how to use particular tools, such as a Cricut machine. Circus Animal Cookie Pillows, Gourd Birdhouses, and other crafts that require basic sewing skills fall under this category.

Pro-level projects require either a) a high level of skill and precision or involved fussy materials, or b) a very high level of skill and precision, whether or not fussy equipment and materials are involved. Epoxy Resin Jewelry and A baby shower quilt are both projects that require professional skills.

It’s pretty simple: We did our best to estimate how long a project would take from start to finish. Three primary (and somewhat broad) designations are provided to guide you–under one hour, over an hour, and a whole day. Remember that these are just rough estimates, and we couldn’t consider one of the most important variables – the pace you work at (or the time your schedule allows). We also considered the time required for the crafting process to be completed but not the time needed for the final product.

Painted Wine Bottle Vases

This super-simple craft will delight wine lovers (raise your hand). It uses three paints to transform the evidence from last night’s alcohol-fueled indulgence into an eye-catching, modern vase.

You have a CD collection collecting dust since the early 2000s, but you can’t bring yourself to throw it away. (We get it.) What’s the solution? Get out of Mod Podge to start an upcycling project that will give new life to the old while producing a set of customized, funky coasters.

If you have yet to hear, acrylic pouring can be an excellent, simple technique to create the illusion of liquid color. This fluid art masterpiece, created with paint on canvas, is easy to create and impossible to look away from.

DIY Fringe Chandelier

The first thing you need to do is summon up your DIY spirit. Then, head to the fabric and hardware stores to get the few supplies needed to create this fringed chandelier. It’s not as difficult as you might think. And the result is a fun conversation piece that will make people smile.

DIY Boho Planters

You only need a little ribbon fabric and some glue hot glue to transform boring terracotta containers into chic accent pieces that will look great with your indoor plants. This is good news for those looking for a super-easy craft they’ll want to keep.

DIY Tshirt Yarn Rag Rug

You probably didn’t realize you could weave colorful T-shirt scraps on a cardboard loom (or hula-hoop loom) to create a boho rug. We didn’t know either. You need this DIY project to impress your friends and blow their minds.

Rickrack Picture Frame

Give an old picture frame a new look with colorful rickrack and pom trim. This craft is so easy to do that you only need a pair of scissors and a little glue. The finished product will brighten any photo display.

Circus Animal Cookie Pillows

This DIY project requires felt, pom poms in rainbow colors, stuffing, a hot glue gun, and a sewing machine. This DIY project requires deemed, rainbow-colored pom poms stuffing, a hot glue gun, and a sewing machine (or non-sew adhesive). The process is simple, and the result is good enough to eat.

Acrylic Pouring Mason Jars

Mason jars, a kitchen staple with a lot of crafting potential, can be transformed into beautiful works of art. This acrylic pouring project transforms the surface of a large mason jar. The final result? The result?

Fabric coated Flowerpots

The flamingo design is adorable, but you can choose a different pattern. This project will give any boring terracotta pot an exciting new look. It is also easy to make, requiring only Mod Podge and fabric. Easy peasy.

Clay Petal Planter

This polymer clay project is a great way to dress up an outdoor pot. Instead of fabric, you can use a palette to add petal-shaped pieces that are multi-colored and dried in the oven. This craft is easy to do and will make your garden look sunny, regardless of the weather forecast.

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