You’ll love making and selling these unusual crafts for adults

Our minds can rest when we are focused on creating beautiful things. Verywell mind says that art is an excellent way for people to reduce stress and improve moods, even if they aren’t artistically inclined. You’ll feel proud of your work, no matter how skilled or novice you are. We’ve collected adult crafts ideas for every skill level and budget to help you choose a DIY project that will spark your creativity.

You’ll find a project to inspire you, from cheap art projects (reinventing thrift shop finds), to genius upcycling (elevating mirrors). We’ve included basic jewelry making, a step-by-step painting tutorial, and intermittent sewing projects. A great craft should be enjoyable to make. However, it should also have a purpose. If your creation is good enough to be sold, some of these homemade craft ideas could even make you a little money.

We all support creative projects for children but I think we all agree that art projects for adults are just as important. This list will help you find the perfect DIY project, no matter if you have a particular idea or just need some quiet time.

Caned Vase

Cane webbing and other woven materials are neutral in color. This gives bold flowers the room to shine. You can cut a piece that will fit around an ol’ vase. Then, stitch a cross or line along the edges with a contrasting color. Hot glue is used to attach the webbing to the vase.

DIY Wallpaper

Bloggers Nina Williams and Cecilia Moyer created an accent wall using a sponge. You can recreate this effect at home by coating a straight edge of a kitchen sponge with paint and pressing it against the wall.

Candles Dip-Dyed

These color-blocked candles can create a unique glow. Use plain taper candles to dip in melted candle wax and colored crayon shavings. Painter’s tape can be used to achieve a more uniform dye job, or you can go wild and use painter’s tape to dip the candles as you wish.

Woven Coasters

Burlap coasters add texture and warmth to your display while protecting your table from water and spills. You can give plain burlap squares a finished look by adding a color border to the stitching or pulling at the edges to make a fringe.

Serving Tray of Painted Wood

A handmade serving tray is a great way to start a conversation with guests. Once you have chosen paint colors that match your home style, begin to paint a wooden board. Use tape to make straight lines. Now you can serve by attaching your handles!

Paper Flowers

These flowers can be made now so that you can enjoy them all year. Fold cupcake liners dyed in a half-circle and cut out fringe and petal shapes. Fold a piece of floral wire in half, and then twist the faux flower stamen around. The wire should be poked through three to four liners of paper. Wrap floral tape around the base and bring it down to the stem.

Star Rope Mirror

To transform a regular circle mirror into the wall-worthy decor, weave jute twine in an intricate star shape. This will look great on an entryway table, or in your bedroom.

Crochet Pillow Cover in Chunky Crochet

You can transform a throw pillow from a standard design into a custom-made creation. You have two options: go bold with the yarn color or stick to black and white. Watch our tutorial to get started and download our free crochet pattern.

Entryway Organizer

A striking pastel color can give life to a window frame that was once bound in a dumpster. You can then come up with creative ways to make the window frame useful for everyday tasks, such as adding a chalkboard to keep track of grocery lists or hooks to hang keys.

Easy Landscape Painting

You love painting but are not a professional artist? This video will show you how to create a masterpiece. You’ll be proud to display your masterpiece in a vintage picture frame.

DIY Lavender Soap

You can make your own fancy soap. Only a few ingredients are required: goat milk melt-and-pour base; dried lavender; lavender oil; and silicone soap molds.

Coastal Wood Slice Coasters

These vibrant coasters, inspired by the beauty and charm of the ocean, will give your space a beach vibe. You can make it your own by choosing three of your favorite blue and green paints as well as two shades of taupe or brown. This easy craft can be done in an hour if you have all the materials.

Cheery Pom Pom Pumpkins

Are you looking for something fall-inspired Hot glue can be used to attach pom-poms to regular or painted pumpkins? You can be creative, no matter if you want to use perfect flowers or organized rows.

Hand-Dyed Napkins

Use watercolor napkins to add color to your table. After soaking the napkins in water, and wringing out any excess, paint the fabric with small strokes starting at the bottom and moving up. Allow them to dry completely before you add them to your place settings.

Accordion Paper Flowers

You can still plant an everlasting garden, even if you don’t have a green thumb. These templates can be downloaded and used to create paper flowers of various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Use the first template to cut out four pieces of yellow paper or white paper.

Fold the paper in half horizontally and vertically. Then, open it again. Fold the bottom about 1/4″ and fold it down.

Fold the paper in half and flip it over until you have an accordion.

Fold the accordion-folded papers in half, and then attach the middle pieces with double-sided tape.

Continue steps 2 through 4 with the remaining 3 sheets of paper.

To create a flower shape, connect all four using a strip of double-stick tape.

Make a rectangle from orange paper measuring 2″ x 1.5″. Then, make little points along one of the long edges.

To create a rectangle shape, roll the rectangle and attach it with a piece of double-sided adhesive. Fold the bottom edge down to form a flat bottom. To finish your daffodil, glue the cup you made in the middle of the flower.

Wallpapered vessels

You can literally turn trash cans into treasure by using wrapping paper or wallpaper to decorate them. These can be used as vases, pencil holders, or candle holders. Make sure to clean the cans thoroughly and trim any sharp edges.

Colorful Coupe Cocktail glasses

These eye-catching cocktail glasses can be made with scrap adhesive vinyl and inexpensive glasses from Ikea or Dollar Store. This is a simple project that will produce dazzling results your guests at cocktail parties will love.

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