Embroidery and Power of Symbols

Children learn to recognize images before they can talk. Symbols allow us to reach beyond language boundaries when we seek knowledge from outside our culture. Images are also an important part of internal communication.

Depth psychology suggests that the brain works in two distinct areas. The rational, intellectual method of our conscious mind and the subconscious mind, which is less well understood, operate on instinctual, intuitive processes.

Although the language may be the primary language of our conscious minds, our subconscious mind prefers symbols to communicate our universal and personal associations.

The creative act and the desire to connect to higher powers offer the potential for personal transformation. As we explore linking these two experiences, we blur the line between our creative essence and the greater creative essence of divine powers.

We can create a new world by sparking our imaginations with symbols that appeal to our deepest feelings.

Creativity is more than just about making things. It’s a mystical process that teaches you how to navigate between the inner world of your soul and the outside world. The crossing of this bridge reveals all that is possible. It starts with the creation of art, and then, finally, it ends in the shaping of existence.

We become more comfortable with bringing our dreams to life by allowing ourselves to be creative.

As the fundamental meanings of symbols have shared similarities over the history of humanity, the divine meanings they convey often travel across cultures and time. Many ancient civilizations noticed greater divine patterns emerging from the Earth’s life and the cycles of our galaxy.

These divine patterns have been used to study astronomy, biology, and astrology. However, the notion that a greater power is working through these forms has been abandoned in the last few centuries.

These higher divine patterns are where correspondences can be found. We can use images and forms to express the feelings and emotions we want to create in our lives. This is how we act upon the belief that all things are interconnected in the tapestry that is existence. The symbols we see in our world can be used to communicate with our subconscious and bring the subconscious into alignment with our conscious minds.

It’s like this: Above the water, our conscious mind is the tip. The subconscious is below the water and is the rudder. Our subconscious language, also known as the underwater language, is made up of symbols and archetypes. By creating talismans–condensations of meaning through images–we can show the subconscious which direction we’d like to go in the language it understands.

The subconscious contains many archaic associations that were likely passed on from our ancestors. The subconscious landscape of symbolic associations, which includes our psyches and emotional tendencies, intuitions, and instincts, may be very similar to that of our ancient ancestors. This part of our brains can be accessed by using symbols, images that travel through time and space, are eternal and omnipresent.

Imagine that you are in another country and don’t know the language. You won’t be able to find directions if you don’t know the language. If you have maps or photos, you can communicate your intent and continue your journey. This is how talismans function. They transmit messages to our deepest inner desires and outward to the cosmos.

To access the subconscious using symbols, you must believe in magic and the ability to create new possibilities. Allow yourself to believe in the impossible, even if it’s only for a moment.

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Vivian D. Craven

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