7 Tips for Making YouTube Videos That Are Remarkable

Do you have any YouTube video ideas? Here are seven ways to make your brainstorming more effective.

Unanswered questions can be turned into YouTube videos.

It would be best to have irresistible ideas before creating amazing videos. This is one of the most difficult challenges in being a YouTube creator. It requires amazing thumbnails, great titles and consistent uploads to be successful.

Video ideas are not difficult to find. It’s not difficult to find video ideas if they don’t appear quickly.

This article will help you regain your creative spark. Continue reading to learn seven different ways you can come up with video ideas no matter what.

Turn Unanswered Queries into YouTube Videos

There are many reasons people watch videos, but the main reason is to learn new things. The best YouTube ideas are simple questions like “How to win a job interview”, “Where to find farmland,” and “What is it?”

Are any of these statements familiar?

“I’m looking for information about a topic, but Google doesn’t give me any helpful results.”

“I need to install a product that I just bought, but there is no video tutorial to show me how to do it.”

You’re likely to have been there before. Your viewers have been there before.

Now is the time to step into the shoes of your audience. Begin by setting aside an hour each week for questions that your viewers might be asking.

“This is how dozens of creators had breakout content this year showing people how to get Clubhouse invites,” Rob Wilson, vidIQ YouTuber-in-residence, says. “A few knowledgeable people took advantage of an unexpected demand for critical information.”

Play the Comparison Game

You can play the “comparison game” when you run out of ideas for video content. Take a look at the YouTube niche you are in and ask what are some things viewers are looking for?

Gamers may wonder if Zelda: Breath of the Wild is better than Genshin Impact. An exchange student may want to learn why Duolingo is better than Babbel for learning English.

Rob states that when you combine two popular topics from your video and put them against one another, it forces viewers to make a decision. It creates intrigue by dividing opinion.”

This technique will allow you to create at least 10 video ideas in under five seconds.

Go to YouTube, and look for the search bar at top of page.

Start by typing a topic in your niche. You could use it to describe a product or a tree type, or a supercar. Or anything else that interests your viewers.

Enter the word “vs.” YouTube autocompletes your search and displays some of the most searched for comparison videos.

Artificial Intelligence helps you to create YouTube ideas

YouTube beginners may need some video ideas. Time-saving technology is the best option. You should look for programs or apps that can create video ideas.

Continue reading: Daily Inspirations from vidIQ – More Video Ideas to Spark Your YouTube Success

An idea generator can help you bridge the gap in YouTube experience. Instead of wasting time trying to figure out which videos you should make, you can simply begin filming like a professional creator.

To get your wheels turning, check out our new tool, Daily Inspiration. It makes use of artificial Intelligence to analyze your channel and propose new video ideas every single day.

Did you know that there is a formula to discover YouTube video ideas? It’s very simple. It’s easy to see how video titles are made and work backwards to generate ideas.

Can you think of something similar?

American Travel: The Best Northeast Cities to Explore by Train.

The Only $100 Rarest Guitar on Earth.

The cheapest way to build a home recording studio.

This exercise will help you find fresh, relevant ideas to add to your YouTube channel.

Make List Videos With Your Knowledge.

This tip is a continuation of the previous. This tip builds on the previous one.

These videos are also known as listicles. They cover a variety of topics. It’s possible to film “10 Destinations to See Fall Foliage in America” By train!

Rob states that the real fun begins when you assign numbers to the listicle. This triggers two things. It sets expectations in viewers’ minds, but also challenges. You can do a longer list than any other YouTuber, and that appeals to many. What if you could make the top 10 listicle pages in just three minutes? That’s nice, bite-sized, compact. This might be another reason for viewers to click.

Please share your personal story, routine, or experience

YouTube videos don’t have to be educational or informative. At least, not always. You can sometimes achieve the same result by sharing your personal story.

Storytime videos can be a lifesaver when there are no ideas. It is easier to simply recite what you know than it is to film complex videos.

Any of the following formats can be used:

Before and after: Moving from a Janitor into a Wall Street Banker.

Behind-the-scenes My First Music Video.

My First-Time Homebuyer Experience.

My Life in Indonesia as an Pilot of an Airplane.

My Daily Routine for Eating 17 Bananas.

Although the last one was a little sloppy, you get the idea. To get your ideas back on track, you can use a personal story.

Make videos about current topics

How do you find the best YouTube videos ideas? This is a quick fix: Keep up with current events and discussions in your niche.

These are some ways to keep up to date with the latest topics:

Join a Discord or Facebook group that represents your niche. The discussions are filled with video ideas and sometimes members share the news that is trending.

Get relevant news delivered to your inbox by setting up Google Alerts for certain keywords.

You want more help finding great video ideas? Find out more about these seven tips and how to apply them in your daily life below.

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