Get Crafty with These Brilliant Tips

This collection of 20 brilliant crafting tips will be a hit for you. These are the crafting hacks that your grandmother used. They’re instrumental in everyday life.

Writing about crafting tips is one of my favorites. As a lifelong craftsperson, I always look for cheap or quick ways to accomplish everyday tasks.

When I have to solve a problem on the spot, I’m happy to buy a tool. But sometimes, I’m in a hurry and need the right tool. This is how things usually work.

These crafting tips will help you.

Craft Hacks

These little craft tips, or craft Hacks, are the same tips and hints you may remember your grandmother using back in the day. You and your grandmother didn’t always have to use fancy tools. At least, I don’t.

You can also find helpful Crafting Tips

These tips include storing small objects, sharpening scissors, spray paint, and more. I’m excited to share some creative people with many tips and tricks.

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This article will help you make life easier when you use craft materials. Bookmark it and refer to it the next time. Enjoy!

Binder Clip for Yarn Guide

Binder clips can be used on the glass jar’s edge to keep the ball in place. Remember to set up this before you begin knitting!

Sharpen Scissors With Sandpaper

Sandpaper can sharpen scissors by simply cutting it through several times. The best grit for this is medium.

Lint Roller to Remove Glitter

This is an excellent tip for crafting. We all know that glitter can be difficult to remove. Use a lint roller to remove glitter from a hard-to-clean area.

Cardboard Box Spray Painting Booth

You might be unable to spray paint in the open if you live in a small area. Use a cardboard box stacked on its side to create a temporary booth. It’s also great for winter storage in your garage!

Store Glue In A Glass

The glue bottle is always upside down and ready to use when needed.

Popsicle sticks can be used to make paint chips

Use a popsicle stick to create paint chips to match colors easily. Get my Tips for using acrylic paint.

Cut Ducttape Easily

Wipe your scissors down with a baby towel before cutting duct tape. This will prevent the duct tape from sticking to your scissors.

The freezer prevents stringy glue sticks

What can you do to stop glue sticks from stringing so much? Please keep them in the fridge before you use them! Please remove them and place them directly into your glue gun.

Use ice cube trays to store small items

Plastic ice trays are perfect for storing small, inconspicuous items. You don’t need to purchase multiple storage containers.

Create Sewing Patterns From Newspaper

You can make sewing patterns cheaply by using newspapers.

Tin Foil for Sharpening Punches

It isn’t easy to keep my extensive collection of craft punched sharp. Punching aluminum foil is a simple way to keep them strong. You can stick several times to get better results.

How to remove hot glue gun strands using a hair dryer

Use your hair dryer to remove hot glue after completing the project. You will see them melting away.

Mini Bolt Fabric Storage

Wrap small pieces of fabric around cereal box pieces that have been cut. Then you can sort them out quickly by putting them in a drawer.

Use a magnet to pick up pins

I’ll always remember when I dropped many pins onto the rug while sewing late at night. It was hard to see because I was tired. Magnets are a great way to pick them up.

Paper Towel Ribbon Storage

You can store the ribbon on a paper towel dispenser and access it easily. Just push the cardboard roll onto the holder and then layer it.

Protect Your Knitting Needle Tips

You can protect yourself from accidental stabbings by placing wine corks on the ends of your knitting needles. This is a tip I always use because my brother stepped on the knitting needles at Christmas one year and ended up in the hospital.

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