15 DIY Wood Crafts for Enthusiasts

We are lifelong DIYers who have enjoyed perfecting our skills in all kinds. We all have our favorite crafts and specialties, but it is nice to experiment with something new. Recently, we have been very excited about making wood crafts. It’s not uncommon for us to work with soft materials such as fabric or yarn. The idea of working with something more structural, however, is exciting. We’ve been looking for wood-based crafts that are beginner friendly.

If you are as curious as we were about how to do simple wood projects, we’ve compiled 15 of the best designs, ideas, and tutorials we found in our quest for information and inspiration.

DIY pallet plaques

This tutorial includes photos and explains how to create this clipping wall-mounted display. The tutorial consists of pictures and even tips on how to hang the pieces.

DIY wooden ladder blanket organizer

You’ve wanted to learn and build a structure but keep it simple. If you live in a cold climate and enjoy keeping blankets in your home to snuggle in, you might love this wooden ladder-style blanket holder. It is explained in simple steps by Domestically Speak.

Wooden coat rack curtain hooks

We love crafts that are both stylish and useful. This DIY wooden curtain piece, outlined step-by-step on Oliver and Love, is an excellent example. It gives you a rustic farmhouse chic look and also allows you to replace curtain rods that are difficult to install or don’t have many options for rustic designs.

Rope and wood board floating wall shelf

If we caught your eye when we mentioned our love of working with soft materials, here is an excellent tutorial to combine simple woodworking skills with other media to create a straightforward and practical mixed project with style! This wood-and-rope floating shelf was made by closely examining the Burkatron tutorial.

Wooden chalkboard welcome

You may be interested in combining your woodworking skills with other types of DIY but are curious if working with rope will suit you. We bet you will love this beautiful craft from 17 Apart if you prefer to paint and draw. You can make a greeting sign using a wood slice and chalkboard for your entryway or front door.

The floral centerpiece is made with a wooden drawer and a mason jar

Would you rather upcycle a piece of wood you own instead of working with raw details that you must construct into a structure or standing form? You’ll enjoy seeing how Love Grows Wild transformed a small, long drawer into a beautiful wooden box for flowers using mason jars and a large, narrow drawer!

DIY wooden crayon holder

Making things with our DIY skills for our kids is a rewarding experience. We find that giving them something we have made ourselves is gratifying and encourages their creativity by piquing their curiosity. This simple DIY wooden crayon holder, created by Jamie Costaglio, was a great idea.

Side table with hairpin legs and wood slices in a mid-century style

Were you most intrigued by creating something out of a wood piece? This tutorial by Tattered Style is perfect for anyone who likes vintage-looking or modern-looking mid-century styles. The tutorial shows how to create a hairpin-leg side table using a sizeable stained wood slice.

Handmade wooden plant stand from the mid-century period

This is an excellent alternative if you want to make a wooden mid-century piece but avoid adding another side table to your home. Learn more about this wooden planter in the Hunker tutorial.

Reclaimed wooden cable spool repurposed into a giant rustic wall clock

You’re still looking through our list, and you like the idea of upcycling wood but want to make a statement? If you’d like a rustic wooden jumbo-sized clock and you can find jumbo wooden spools used for storing cables, you might be in the market to do this project. The instructions on The DIY Mommy provide precise details.

Spice, oil, and vinegar rack in wood over the stove

You might be a person who prefers to make things in the kitchen than decorative wall art. This fantastic wooden oil shelf from over the Big Moon will keep your cooking supplies easily accessible.

DIY upholstered X-frame wooden bench

You may have more woodworking experience than we have described and be interested in building furniture rather than something small and ornamental. You might be the right person to try something like this wooden upholstered X-frame bench. Find out how to make your own at Anika’s DIY Life.

Rustic stained wooden headboard

This is an excellent option for those who want to add rustic charm to their bedroom but need more space to build a bench. This tutorial, which is fully equipped from Andrea’s Notebook, will guide you through the process step-by-step to add rustic charm to your bedroom.

DIY Wood Stars

Would you prefer to stick with more miniature wall art and beginner-friendly wood crafts despite the large furniture pieces? If that’s the case, we recommend checking out how Rogue Engineer made these hanging wooden stars by hand! They are easy to make and require a few woodworking skills.

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